My functional works are revolving around the idea of giving new life to my old solar plate printing plates. After I have pulled an edition from the plates, the idea of the image on paper is satisfied to me. I ’emboss’ the plate on a slab of clay, then using hand building techniques shape it into a functional form. This process also degrades the plate to eventual ruin which also allows me the usual print maker’s process of destroying plates while also lending a system to which I can adhere to create functional ceramics. My goal for this process is to give the tactile relationship with the printing plate to others that is equal to the one that I get while creating both the print edition and the ceramic object. This work was fired at Arrowmont in Austin Riddle’s workshop Summer 2019.

Wanderer Cups (2019)
Feeding Time Barrettes (2019)
Mountainside Barrettes (2019)
Concealed bud vases (2019)

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